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Security Policy

As of being our beloved customers, you have entrusted Besson Joujou Hong Kong to take the important responsibility. We aim to provide the best security for keeping your personal information. We want to explain this policy to you so that you can be fully understand how we handle your information before your purchase. If you have other questions, please send e-mail to us at for more detail.

Social Media Platform:
This website is run by Besson Joujou Hong Kong. We provide information through different social media parties, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You can view these apps by your electric advice, such as mobile phone and computer. We respect our customers' right, so we process your personal data carefully.

Supplementary Information:
We may process your personal data internally for recording or data analyzing. Please provide accurate personal information so that we can further contact you during shipment or for future promotional usage. We hope to provide as much as information we can and make sure the shipping process is smooth.

Usage of personal data:
We collect your personal information with the following cases: Product purchasing, contacting with our staffs and interacting with us through various social media (e.g. Facebook). We have the right to share your posted comments or images from the third party. Please make sure you agree with this policy before you leave any comment, post images or other related actions on the online platforms.

Privacy Issue and Access:
Once we have accessed the right to your personal information, we will keep your records for at least a year. We may store the data in any of our administration system.

We will get information of your personal data from the following situation: When you are registering an account in our website or participating in any of our events and fairs. We will contact you through the provided information if you have any problem with our brand. We will also process your information in the following ways (I) Accounting, invoicing and annual reporting (II) Estimation of credit card holder (III) Confirmation of customer identity (IV) Other payment (VI)Safety, Security, Health Training, Managing and Law issues (VII) Advertising and marketing means with the third party (IX) For company development, testing and maintenance (X) Customer survey analysis (XI) Customer service (XII) Google analytic (XIII) For legal purposes or in connection with legal proceedings or disputes. Please note that we may call you if there is any problem with your order, to ensure your item arrives to you safely under our control.

To fulfill your order:
Please call us if you have any inquiry for purchasing items, our staffs will be able to answer you call. It may happen that our staffs need some time to process your questions. We will call you back as soon as possible once we can. Besson Joujou Hong Kong has other working partners, they include THYS1U as our marketing company, as well as SF Express for shipment. Please contact us for inquiry related to the other parties first, we may transfer your questions to them.

Linkage with international countries:
If you leave comments or call us through the third party, such as Facebook, Instagram and Wechat, our privacy policy will be linked with the one of the third party. We have not given right to any other online platform for selling or delivering our products to others. Please note that you have the full responsibility to protect your own personal data, Besson Joujou Hong Kong will not be responsible for all risk.

Besson Joujou Hong Kong website and chatroom:
If you join conversations in our online platforms, your provided information and comments will be shown publicly. People who access those online platforms can view them without entering an account. Please note that every online platform may be different in terms of their privacy policy, please read the policies by yourself before joining conversations through our account or web pages. All comments are not represented by Besson Joujou Hong Kong.

Open Disclosures of legal requirements:
Please note that under certain conditions, or under certain legal procedures, you may have to disclose your personal information.

Notification of changing policy:
We may change details of our security policy time by time, and we will not give notice to the changes. Customers have the responsibility to check it by themselves. Please view it carefully before shopping with us.