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Terms and Conditions

Besson Joujou Hong Kong is a shoe brand under the name of Three Ace International LTD.. Our registered address is Room 802, 8/F Yue Xiu Building, 160-174 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. We sincerely encourage you to read through the Terms and Conditions page before purchasing our products. If you are under 16 years old, please read through this with your parents or guardian before creating your own Besson Joujou account. 

We edit our Terms and Conditions page time by time, please always refer to the newest policies in the website. If you don't agree with the conditions, please stop using our website immediately. Your order cannot be cancelled once you have paid without reason. You can exchange or return your order only if the item is damaged through online shop.

1. Registration 

Please register a new account to become our member if you want to save your personal information in our website. Please make sure that the information you provide is correct, accurate and completed. If you cannot process your personal account, please send e-mail to, we will try our best to help you. Please note that we may change our account settings within a period of time. Please choose an unique password that is not easily remembered or not related to your name, address and number. If you find that your account is hacked, please call us at 55419026, or send an e-mail to immediately. For information related to the usage of your personal information, please read our Security Regulations page.

2. Purchase qualifications

You have to provide your personal information, including your real name, phone number, e-mail address and other relevant information in order to shop online. Also, please provide the details of your purchasing card and make sure it works normally. All of your information is for our company's purchasing reference and for Paypal records only. Please make sure you are the card holder of your purchasing card.

Besson Joujou Hong Kong official website can provide service to the following users: Customers who own a valid credit card that is accepted by Paypal. If customers don't have a Paypal account, please bank-in to our company account by cash or cheque. Please note that no matter it's a personal gift or a gift to other party, customers cannot sell our products to the third party. Please note that customers cannot use our products for commercial use without permission. Besson Joujou Hong Kong reserves the final right to make decision on the quantity shipped to other countries, as well as the shipping address/ country.

3. Orders

Please note that products that have been put to the shopping chart will not be kept. Items in the shopping chart may be bought by other customers. Our stock and inventory change according to the sale condition. Please pay your bill as soon as possible to hold your order. 

Besson Joujou Hong Kong cannot guarantee that all of the shoes on list have stock in our Hong Kong storage. For some reason, items that are put in the shopping chart may be kept in Korea or China. We promise to keep your ordered item for you and we will deliver your order as soon as we receive your item. If the item is out of stock, you can change your order, or you can request for a money refund from us. Please make sure you have provided your personal information correctly so that we can contact you for further problem.


Your product invoice will be shipped together with the purchased items. Please note that Besson Joujou Hong Kong will not be responsible for all damage caused during transportation. The money refund to your purchase credit card, the process will take no more than 30 days after your confirmation of refund products.

Besson Joujou Hong Kong will keep your purchase record for at least a year.

4. Order confirmation

For online shop:
After you have done the payment via Paypal, you will receive our confirmation e-mail immediately. Please note that this e-mail does not guarantee that your order can be processed, it's just a notice to let you know that we have received your order information.

For bank-in:
Please send us an e-mail with your bank receipt, your name, phone number and order details (shoe style, color and size) right after you have made the payment to our account. We will send you a confirmation e-mail. No item will be delivered to you before we receive your e-mail.

5. Intellectual Property
Customers do not own the copyright of our designs, logo and contents, including Besson Joujou Hong Kong software and all the HTML and other code contained in this website. All such content, including third-party trademarks, designs and related intellectual property rights mentioned or displayed on this website, are protected by national intellectual property and other laws and international treaties. You may use this content only if Besson Joujou Hong Kong and / or third-party licensors are expressly authorized. Any reproduction or dissemination of the contents listed above is strictly forbidden and may result in civil and criminal penalties. In addition to the foregoing restrictions, it is expressly prohibited to copy the information listed above to any other server, any other place and use, or to provide such information for publication, reproduction or distribution. However, you can make a copy so that you can view the content when you are using it yourself.

6. Website Content
In addition to the above intellectual property rights, "Content" is defined as any pictorial, photo, including all image rights, sound, music, video, audio or text in this website. Besson Joujou Hong Kong endeavors to ensure that the information in this website is accurate and complete. But Besson Joujou Hong Kong does not promise that the content of Besson Joujou Hong Kong Official Website is accurate or correct. Besson Joujou Hong Kong is not responsible for the functionality of this website or the content of Besson Joujou Hong Kong, or the content of this website, Besson Joujou Hong Kong, and the servers that carry them are free of viruses or other harmful factors. We always recommend that all network users ensure that the latest version of the virus checker is installed.

By expressing your opinion, you agree to be solely responsible for all the information you provide. In addition, you may also grant Besson Joujou Hong Kong the right to make use of any content you publish, including in any form or in any media, for your own purposes. Comments may be reviewed and it may take up to 72 hours for the site to appear on the site; however Besson Joujou Hong Kong does not undertake to verify all content and is not responsible for any third party speech. If you would like to complain about any comments, please send an email to Besson Joujou Hong Kong reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to post or delete any comments, including comments that we believe may result in law, defamation, racial discrimination or slander, incitement to hatred or violence, and personal, institutional, religious or personal privacy Hazard comments. These comments may cause harm to minorities, unfavorable to trademarks, patents and copyrighted content, including personal information, improper use of this website for promotion and advertising. This website is open to the public and you believe that confidential information should not be posted on this website.

The personal views of the designers and brands of the products we sell, or the personal views of any third parties that cooperate with us, are their own opinions and do not necessarily reflect Besson Joujou Hong Kong's views on any of the expressions expressed in any media We do not assume any responsibility for such views.

7. Non-communical Use
This website may only be used for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not modify, reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, post, license, conduct commercial development, use derivative works, assign or sell any of the content, software, products or services contained in this website The You may not use this website or any of its contents to promote any commercial purpose, including advertising on your own website or advertising activity.

8. Compensation
At the request of you, you agree to act in accordance with any of the acts of Besson Joujou Hong Kong, including directors, agents, licensors and suppliers, immediately as a result of any violation of your conduct (including your conduct or omission, (Including litigation costs), to indemnify us, defend us and make Besson Joujou Hong Kong free from all losses, including damages, costs, damages and losses (including litigation costs).

9. Relationship with customers
You acknowledge and agree that your use of the Site will not result in any joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship between you and Besson Joujou Hong Kong. You agree that you will not and will not regard yourself as a representative, agent or employee of Besson Joujou Hong Kong and we will not be liable to you for any representations, acts or omissions.

10. Changing of prices
We pay the currency exchange rate depends on the website, it is automatically updated twice a day to ensure that the exchange rate is the most accurate, if the customer has any questions, you can view access to the currency exchange rate information.