Besson JouJou Hong Kong Official Website


  1. Q:My LED function doesn't work anymore, do I need to exchange the light source?
    A:No, you don't have to exchange your light source. Please recharge your LED shoes after turning it on for 3-5 hours. A sign of red light cycle will shoe up during the recharge time, it means that you have correctly charged your shoes.

  2. Q How can I choose the right shoe size?
    A:Please measure your kids' foot length with ruler before purchasing. The measurement should be according to mm or cm. Since our shoe insoles are thicker than normal sports shoes, as there're memory foam inside each pair of our shoes, we suggest you to buy a size up after the measurement. (e.g. If your kids' feet length is 17mm, we suggest you to buy size 180.)

  3. Q:How can I put on the LED light?
    A:You can always press the bottom under the star logo in the two sides of our shoes in order to turn the light on.

  4. Q:How can I change the sparkling patterns?
    A:You can refer to the on and off bottom for such function, for each time you press it, the light pattern will change. There's a total of 4-6 light patterns per shoes.

  5. Q:If I purchase more than one pair of shoes, can I have them shipped in different locations?
    A:Each order can be shipped to one address only. If you want to separate the shipment, please pay the bill separately according to how you'd like your shipment to be done.

  6. Q:Is there any restriction for shipping internationally?
    A:According to the International Trade Agreements and Regulations, there's no restriction towards Besson Joujou LED shoes. However, Besson Joujou Hong Kong will not be responsibility for shipment that is fail to enter specific countries.

  7. Q:This is my first time for shopping with Besson Joujou, what do I need to be aware of?
    A:For your own safety, the first order of each customer will be shipped to the registered address. We can also ship to your office or studio address. Please note that shipping cost caries with shipping address. Please provide your contact information (customers name, phone number, e-mail address and shipment address) clearly to avoid of delivery delay. We will  contact you via e-mail or by phone if necessary if there's any problem.

  8. Q:What package can I choose for Besson Joujou LED shoes?
    A:Besson Joujou shoe box is retangular shape with dark drown and orange colors. For certain styles, such as Rainboot, there's only a colorless plastic bag. Customers can choose shipping without shoe box to lower the transport cost. Please note that you cannot exchange another pair of shoes from us if you don't have the original shoe box.

  9. Q:Is there any seasonal styles for Besson Joujou?
    A:The shoe styles may vary according to different seasons. We hope to provide you the most suitable shoes. There're seasonal promotions, please visit our website for more information.

  10. Q:The size that I want to purchase is out of stock, can I still purchase it right now?
    A: If a specific style is out of stock, you cannot proceed to the purchase page. Besson Joujou hong Kong cannot guarantee the exact date for restock. If the style/ size has restocked, we will not give reminder to customers. Customers have to check with our website for more details.

  11. Q:Do I need a Besson Joujou account in order to pay my bill?
    A:No, you don't need an account. Anyone can purchase online.

  12. Q:Will I purchase an out-of-stock item?
    A: If the item that you purchased is out of stock, we will refund the amount of your payment to your Paypal account within a week away from your purchase date.

  13. Q:Will I receive any notice once I have done my payment?
    A: You will receive a confirmation e-mail that include your personal information, payment details and purchase information right after you finish the online payment via Paypal. You can also view your shipment via SF Express website with your order number attached in your confirmation e-mail.